Everything started in the spirit of giving.

In search of a beneficiary for typhoon relief drives spearheaded by our employees, the team came upon a non-profit organization with a call for donations to help affected families. We handed the cheque to Ms. Amy Pascual and her son, Piolo, who decided to accompany her to say 'thank you' for the aid. Seeing our shared advocacies, the SunPIOLOgy partnershp was born.

  • 20092009 - Poetry in Portraits Calendar

    For our first project, we mounted Piolo's very first exhibit of his photographs - culled from his many travels - and immortalized it in a calendar to raise funds for Hebreo Foundation scholars.
  • 20102010 - Pursuits Journal

    The Pursuits Journal was a planner that featured nature-inspired photographs by Piolo.
  • 20112011 - Vertical Run + Sunset Run

    From education and disaster relief, we discovered a common love for running. Setting ourselves apart, we embraced the Sunset Run and also braved a Vertical Run to celebrate our new home, the Sun Life Centre.
  • 20122012 - Sunpiology Run: The Sun and Stars Align

    This year, we shined brighter than ever as the country's biggest celebrities ran and celebrated under the Sun with the Star Magic Gives Back musical special for their 20th year anniversary.
  • 20132013 - Sunpiology: Sunset Color Run

    In our most colorful run to date, runners crossed the finish line in hues both happy and tinged with generosity. And also star-strucked with their favorite Star Magic talents.
  • 20142014 - Sunpiology: An Adventure-Filled Run with the Stars

    As obstacles challenged both the Sun and Star Magic participants, we set up an exciting maze and crawls to trigger everyone's adventurous spirit.
  • 20152015 - Sunpiology: #KickDiabetes - Run, Kick, and Stop Diabetes

    With the Philippines as a hotspot for diabetes, the Sun together with Star Magic helped raising funds for the Institute for Studies on Diabetes Foundation (ISDFI), which have facilitates for education and prevention initiatives for Filipinos.
  • 20162016 - Sunpiology Run: Sugar Wars

    Our fight to end diabetes intensified by rallying even more troops (yes, celebrities included) to heighten awareness of this disease while also supporting our cause for education.
  • 20172017 - Sunpiology Duo: Cycle PH + Resolution Run

    With the rise of biking for fitness, our annual fundrasing event evolved to SunPIOLOgy DUO where our fans enjoyed two fantastic events with their favorite stars: Sun Life Cycle PH and the Sun Life Resolution Run.
  • 20182018 - Sunpiology Trio: Cycle PH + Resolution Run + Sun Vs Stars

    We are turning 10! And we have a TR10 of activities to celebrate a decade of giving back. Sign up now for SUN LIFE CYCLE PH (Nov17) and SUN LIFE RESOLUTION RUN (Jan26,2019). Watch out for more details on SUN VS STARS with Star Magic.